Monday, September 22, 2008

No, I'm not obsessed with marriage: weeks 1/2 blog

The work:
Through the first few weeks at the start of our senior year we have begun to read fictional short stories (EO). There were a variety of short stories ranging from safaris in Africa to the story of the Lottery where stoning someone to death every year's a tradition (JG). We have read about literary and commercial stories, round and flat characters, and symbolism (MM). We learned that Hemingway said the way to write a short story is to use an "iceberg" format--which is to show simply the tip of the iceberg (MG). We have elaborated (on) the parts of a story by detailing the exposition to the resolution and the processes in between (CS). We related Edgar Allen Poe's methods of singleness of effect and unity of action with each story (FT). The theme of many stories that we've read is marriage (NN). We discussed story terms like climax, "in medias res," and exposition in the stories to which they apply (MM).

The workers:
Manny: "the child is greedy and is only riding because of the vision of money." (MM)
Todd: "The turning point of 'How I Met My Husband' was when Edie realized the letter will never come." (AJ)
Michael: A white elephant is something no one wants to talk about. (KW)
Anthony: Old Man Warner feels that it has to be done for tradition. (KW)
Connor: "In 'Macomber' both tangible and intangible things die--such as his marriage, himself, and the lion." (FT)
Andrew: "Macomber is a coward because he ran away from the problem." (MG)
Martin: In Macomber, there are many conflicts--Francis v self, Francis v lion, Francis v. Wilson. (MM)
Kevin: "Summers' attitude is encouraging." (EO)

Words to live by:
"But a wind sweeping in from nowhere blows his white words back and back into the past." ~Murakami (as observed by CS)
"If you would pray, Jesus would help you." ~O'Connor (as observed by FT)
"It's not fair." ~Jackson (as observed by KW)
"Luck is what causes you to have money." ~Lawrence (as observed by AJ)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Welcome to English 12H

Welcome to the English 12H Blog. Read up on last year's blog to give you an idea of what you can expect out of this experience.