Monday, February 9, 2009

Term II, Weeks 1+2

The work:

As we began the 2nd semester we started reading Death of a Salesman. We have discussed many themes that are in the play such as loyalty, family, and being a man. We have also discussed the problems Willy has been encountering with his job and his family life (JG). We went over the poem "Telephone Poles" and talked about the simple insight of the poem into life (DP). We went online to get different critics' quotes on themes of Death of a Salesman (TT). We also memorized an Act II speech by Willy. We ended the week watching Act I of Death of a Salesman (CS).

The workers:

Dan: Willy isn't getting into accidents--he's trying to hurt himself. (BG)
Todd: Cummings uses part to whole translations--synecdoche. (FT)
Michael: The green lights represent the American Dream (FT).
Martin: Biff is struggling with school (JG).
Pat: Biff thinks that he is extremely important and says that he controls New England (JG).
Andrew: Biff lost all his confidence and he's falling out of his father's good grace (BG).
Kevin: ...took his helmet off, and pointed to Willy (CS).
Dan: Willy is too concerned about what others think of him (TT).
Martin: Both Biff and Prince Hal are trying to find themselves (DP).

Words to live by:

Don't make mountains out of molehills. ~Linda
Never leave a job till you're finished. ~Arthur Miller
Certain men just don't get started until later in life. ~Willy
A small man can be just as exhausted as a great man. ~Linda