Monday, January 12, 2009

Blog, weeks 13+14

The work:
(guest blogger, Michael E)
"The past couple of weeks we have been focusing on poetry. We have explored the different forms and types of poetry. We read fourteen chapters and answered a set of questions for each section. We have memorized several poems and also wrote three poems in imitation of those from the book."

The workers:
Julio told the class that Rage Against the Machinehas socialist views and it is very appropriate that they cover "The Ghost of Tom Joad." (PC)
Andrew: "She let that one incident ruin her view of Baltimore." (ME)
Kevin: "He uses different poetic terms such as apostrophe." (ME)
Andrew: "When a leaf falls it dies alone and when we die we fall and are alone" (BG).
Nicholson: "The poem uses alliteration to further the them." (DP)
Brian: "The eagle is known as a strong majestic symbol" (DP)
Michael: Langston Hughes use a lot of rhyme...(JG)
Martin: He would feel it is good passion. (MM)
Pat: Steinbeck would agree with them because they are socialist (MM)
Julio: It is talking about her drinking air and sitting in the open air enjoying the angels that swing their snowy hats. (ND)
Andrew: You don't know what comes next because there is no pattern or scheme." (AJ)

Words to live by:
I took the one less traveled by... ~Frost
I wonder where I'm gonna die...~Hughes
The day brings obstacles to all. ~Robert Browning
Do not go gentle into that good night. ~Thomas
The truth is, we were born. ~Atwood
The time was neither wrong nor right. ~Frost