Monday, December 8, 2008

Blog, Weeks 11+12

The work:
A lot has happened in room 26 in the last three weeks (MC). We read further into The Grapes of Wrath and further discussed some reoccurring themes. We completed our character response drafts and we will analyze and create a response to one character from the story. We composed "found poems" using the theme and text. We shared them with the class. Later, we went over some old Woody Guthrie folk songs about the dust bowl. We took a look at Steinbeck's views on migrant workers and took our own stances (PC). We talked about the Joad family's experience on the hooper farm, their travels to a Hooverville, and the conditions for workers in the early 1900s. Money, gas, and food were necessities for everyone and the more work you did the more you got (FT). While reading the book, we also watched the movie. It was obvious to tell that they weren't the same (Anon).

The workers:
Brian: never had seen someone selling themselves for work (MM).
John: they all want to go to California because they have the dream (MM).
Anthony: His found poem did not tell a story (TT).
Kevin: He's trying to give people inspiration to get through hard times (ME).
Pat: grandpa's death was less grim in the movie (DP).
Michael: the fields could bear food but they're not able to be worked (DP).
Andrew: work well and time will pass by (KW).
Martin: the pictures show us the base of human suffering (MM).
Julio: I wonder what it's like out there--[found poem line] (MM).

Words to live by:
"All that lives is holy." ~W. Blake
"I think, therefore I am." ~Descartes
"The sweet smell is a great sorrow on the land." ~Steinbeck
"He was alive and that's what matters." ~Jim
"But it can't kill me Lord, and it can't kill me." ~W. Guthrie
"They's a lot of things against the law that we can't he'p doin'." ~Pa