Thursday, March 19, 2009

Term II, Weeks 5+6

The work:
Over the past two weeks we have based our classes around Jhumpa Lahiri's 2003 novel The Namesake (MM). We have been crafting essay introductions on different themes of the book, preparing for a test (TT). We wrote these on different themes like education and character development (DP). We focused on other themes like identity, education, marriage, culture clash, and the past. We determined the significance of a namesake and how it affected Gogol's decisions as a first generation immigrant (ME). We talked about our senior service projects and what our first day was like and what we expect to do at our sites over the next eight weeks (FT). Finally, we were tested on "The Namesake" in an in-class essay (MM).

The workers:
Connor: Their marriage is one of mutual respect but also devotion. (MM)
Andrew: Through the death of his father, Gogol realizes how detached he has come to his family. (FT)
Pat: Gogol matured at college...began to think on his own. (ME)
Brian: Between before and after independence...(KW)
Anthony: The author is stereotyping...(DP)
Frank: There must be a complex transformation to get something out of the book...(TT)
John: Lahiri shows the theme of nature. (MM)
Kevin: Education means experiences in [Twain's quote]. (BG)
Julio: agreed with Gogol's culture being an obstacle...(PC)

Words to live by:
"He remembered his father's footprints in the sand." ~Lahiri
"He's a telephone man who fell in love with long distance." ~Williams
"Don't let your schooling interfere with your education." Twain
"In America, anything is possible. Do as you wish." ~Lahiri
"The name...was the first thing his father had given him." ~Lahiri