Thursday, March 11, 2010

Class work for 3/12/10

TGIF. Welcome to the library.

Now that you've done some reading into The Glass Menagerie, you're ready to start thinking about some of its themes: reality, escape, the past, abandonment, failure, race, identity. To do that, conduct a simple word search today into a searchable edition of the text.

1. Click on this link. It should open a full searchable text of TGM in a new window.

2. Using your browser's search function, search for the actual theme as listed above, or words related to it (instead of "escape" try "travel" or simply "go." Instead of "blindness" try "see" or "sight.")

3. On your handout, make note of what you find to be the most beautiful, poetic, or well-written line from the play concerning each theme.

4. Based on the simple word-search you did, circle the theme that appears, at least in terms of quantity, to be the most dominant in the play.

5. Finish early? Grab a book off the shelf and enjoy--you're in the library after all!

Note: you are being watched.